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The Philosophy of Change by Amy Dunne

4 Jun

The Philosophy of Change by Amy Dunne.

Review of Season’s Meetings by The Lesbian Review.

22 Feb

“This book is utterly charming. I adored every moment of it and highly recommend it.”


Review of Season’s Meetings

19 Feb

“I liked this heart warming, feel good story. Catherine had some absolutly brilliant comments/thoughts that literally made me giggle out loud.”


Review of Season’s Meetings

19 Feb

I’m thrilled to share a brand new review of Season’s Meetings with you. 

“Season’s Meetings is a heartwarming read. I only wish that more books like it were available. The descriptions in this book paint a beautiful picture, and I can’t wait to reread this around the holidays this year!”


Excerpt of Season’s Meetings

23 Nov

Excerpt of Season's Meetings.