Oh, and what kind of books do you write? by Matthew Bright

27 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK


When I was eight years old I wrote poorly-reasoned mystery stories featuring characters named after my friends. This was quite confusing because two of my friends had the same name, which doesn’t really work in fiction, but I’ll let myself off the hook because commercial success wasn’t high on my list. When I was fourteen years old I wrote an enormous chunk of an epic fantasy featuring castles and dragons. I had recently read a lot of Robert Jordan and Raymond E. Feist. At seventeen, I planned and wrote an entire television series, a sort of gay-British-Buffy. It featured a lot of my friends, only this time I changed my name.

Then I went to university and studied literature and creative writing. Here I started my first novel, a literary coming-of-age novel that was referred to (a bit reductively) by myself, my friends and my lecturers as ‘the…

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Thoughts on a Novel Taking Flight by Rebecca Buck

27 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK


I’m excited to be attending this year’s Bold Strokes Books UK festival with a new novel out there in the world. It’s been a while since I wore a tricorn hat to read from the recently released The Locket and the Flintlock in 2012.  I’ve felt a little bit like an impostor the last few years, with no new release. So I’m thrilled to have Fragile Wings out there in the world now: a new book to talk about!

In some ways though, this isn’t a new book at all. I’ve lived with it for a long time, trying to tell the story in its pages. To see it finally polished and published is remarkable. The first draft was written way back in 2004, the year I graduated from university. Back then, I called it Butterfly and spent a long time describing the Devon countryside of the opening of the…

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My Review of Amy Dunne’s, ‘The Renegade’

18 Jan


Lynn Lawler's Book Blog

Hello Everyone and good afternoon to you all.  Today I am sharing my review for Amy Dunne’s ‘The Renegade.’  For those of you who are new, I recently interviewed Amy.  Since then she’s been hard at work with her next project.

Amy Dunne’s Interview.

Renegade Cover

This story takes place in the future, involving a deadly epidemic.  Right from the start the author’s descriptions draw in the reader. I loved how she described one of the main character’s father. He was a positive inspiration for Alex, despite his own destiny.  A chill ran through me at her wise choice of words that clearly defined the situation.

Alex is a young woman determined not to let fate destroy who she is. Unfortunately because of this epidemic she has shut down socially and has become somewhat apathetic to others.

After learning how to survive on her own, she took the reins on fear and used it in her favor. It was…

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Bridget Reviews: SEASON’S MEETINGS by Amy Dunne (Lesbian Contemporary Romance)

11 Dec

Bridget Essex, Author

Season’s Meetings by Amy Dunne

Could the festive road trip from hell actually lead to love?

Catherine Birch is a lonely workaholic who hates Christmas. This year, she is being forced to celebrate with her best friend’s family in the Highlands of Scotland. Having missed her flight, Catherine reluctantly ventures on a road trip with beautiful stranger Holly Daniels.

Although polar opposites, the intense attraction between them is unmistakable. Just as Catherine begins to think spending Christmas with Holly might not be so bad, a raging snowstorm leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Huddled together, with little chance of rescue, they forge a pact: if they escape, they’ll make this a Christmas to remember. But will it be remembered for the right reasons?

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year, so I was really excited to dive into Season’s Meetings, a story…

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Meet Author Amy Dunne

23 Oct

Lynn Lawler's Book Blog

Good afternoon, Everyone and welcome!  It has been a busy few weeks, but I haven’t forgotten about you.  Today I have an author whom you are going to love!  Amy Dunne is the author of “The Renegade” which debuted on 14-Sept-15 by Bold Stroke Books.  She is here to chat with us all and has a giveaway to these of you who would like to leave a comment or question.  Let’s all give Amy a warm welcome.

Author Photo

“The worst thing you’ve ever written is better than the best thing you’ve never written,” –Unknown

Renegade Cover


What is “The Renegade” about?

“The Renegade” is a speculative fiction romance. The story starts with the aftermath of the Red Death pandemic that has wiped out most of the human population.  We meet Alex and experience how much she has lost because of the Red Death.  She has no one left alive, no plans or…

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News roundup: Polari Prize winner, some top tens, a bit of blogging and a hint of envy

9 Oct

UK Lesbian Fiction

The leaves are turning and there’s a chill in the air: time for a wistful stroll through the autumn news.

~ ~ ~

therentalheartAnd hasn’t the year flown by. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Polari submissions were being sought. But the winner of the Polari First Book Prize was announced this week and it’s Kirsty Logan for her book of short stories The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales. The critically acclaimed collection was shortlisted for the Green Carnation Prize and is the winner of the Scott Prize. Of the book, Paul Burston said “The judges were enormously impressed with Logan’s command of language and skillful story telling. She writes from a variety of queer perspectives, showing us a range of outsider’s viewpoints.Diva has more on this year’s prize and the Polari evening is reviewed over at Dolores Delargo Towers.

Kirsty is based in…

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News Roundup: Kiki Archer Live Q&A, Amy Dunne Goes Renegade, New Release from Karen Campbell, and More!

25 Sep

UK Lesbian Fiction

Welcome! It’s a bit on the nippy side, but the sun is shining, flowers are still blooming, and I’m taking a quick break from squinting at page proofs to bring you all the happenings in the land of UK LesFic. Enjoy!

~ ~ ~

renegadeAmy Dunne is first up this fortnight with a couple of stops on her publicity romp for her new futuristic, apocalyptic adventure-romance, The Renegade. Amy has been talking survival (and her absolute lack of survival skills!) over on Women & Words:

Let me start with an honest admission. I’m 90% certain that I wouldn’t survive in the post-apocalyptic world I’ve created. I’ve no survival skills to speak of, I’m awful at basic camping, I’m a complete technophobe to the point I don’t know anything other than switching something on and off and maybe hitting it if it still doesn’t work, I have OCD, I’m a…

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