From my heart to yours

8 Dec

Jody Klaire .com

I don’t often talk about health and I can’t say it’s the most comfortable thing for me to do but I believe it’s important that I speak up now. My reason for doing so is that I don’t want anymore people suffering or even dying unnecessarily because they aren’t being taken seriously.

So what am I talking about? Your heart.

Before you click onto something more exciting, bear with me, because my (slightly long) heart story will keep you entertained if nothing else.

My Story

Police officer down…

I was nineteen when I first experienced a problem. It was a cold December morning and I was in my police provided sports gear. We were doing a thing called a pelican run where you ran around and around the police college campus (in the bitter cold) to prove your fitness level. I loved the fitness and safety skills because it gave…

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