Bad Ass Women by Brey Willows

31 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK

Fury's Bridge 300 DPI (1)My mom is a lesbian. A proud, strong, femme who wore heels and had long nails and never changed who she was for anyone. She taught me to stand tall and not let society dictate what you ‘should’ look like.  She also had me really young, but instead of leaving me with sitters, she took me everywhere; softball games, rugby games, huge parties. These places were full of lesbians who watched out for me and became an amazing extended family. One taught me to play softball, one taught me how to change a tire and check my oil. One taught me how to drive a stick shift (and never once screamed in panic). One taught me how to play a wicked game of pool. One taught me how to ride a motorcycle. They all taught me the meaning of support and connection.

Strong, kick-ass women in every field of life…

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