Write Here, Write Queer

29 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK


I have a friend who infuriates me. We spend far too much of our time arguing; the man votes Conservative, quite likes Theresa May, thinks Jeremy Corbyn should probably wear a tie. The morning of Brexit we very nearly never spoke again. We’ve remonstrated at length; I don’t understand how, as a gay man, he can support many of these things, but this post isn’t about how wrong he is (though he’s really, really wrong – just sayin’) but about one of the other things we argue about quite often.

That thing is the word queer.

I love the word. I call myself a queer writer; my first big sale was in Queer’s Destroy Fiction and I thought that was brilliant. I am not old enough to remember the battle cry of ‘Not gay as in happy, but queer as in f**k you’ but it’s recurrence in the era of…

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