27 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK


I’ve enjoyed writing all my books, but this one has been an absolute pleasure.

Writing Soul Survivor has given me a chance to bring two women romantically together from diverse professional backgrounds; the international journalist and an English rural vicar.

The former vocation is one I’ve always greatly admired. I have viewed the media in awe at the bravery of some of these journalists who deliberately enter dangerous, unwelcoming places in the world in order to report home often apocalyptic conditions. Aside from the devastating scenarios they present to us, I find myself worrying for their personal safety. They stand at unenviable doorways to bring us our news, placing them in the way of everything no normal human being seeks; gunfire, mortar attacks, hostile incumbents. Syria and parts of Africa coping with ISIS comes to mind. The consequence of what befalls them if they are captured is, alas, already documented.

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