Historical Temptation by Jane Fletcher

27 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK


When I was 8, my friends thought I was odd in several ways – such as, while they wanted to be ballet dancers or nurses when they grew up, I wanted to be an archaeologist. I’ve always been a history geek.

As it turned out, my career path took me as far from archaeology as it is possible to get. I became a software engineer. However, my love of history has been a real benefit in writing fantasy. I know enough about how pre-industrial civilisations, start, develop, grow, stagnate, and collapse, that I find it straightforward to create new ones.

Beyond my love of history, I find most things interesting. Geology, economics, politics, linguistics – they are all fascinating, and they are all vital to inventing worlds. Fantasy should not ignore facts. Hence, next to my desk, I have a facsimile copy of the first edition of Mrs Beeton’s “Household…

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