Has the World Gone Mad?

27 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK

I’m starting to wonder. I’ve found myself watching cute kitten clips and uplifting dog rescue stories on the internet. The US has Trump (depressing, yes, and that’s just his hair), the Brits are still banging on about Brexit – the never ending exit from the EU, and Australia still can’t manage marriage equality.
Disastrous? Perhaps, but spare a thought for those in countries where your life can end tragically just because of your sexual orientation. I have an aversion to cruelty so I can’t claim to have watched the clips on Facebook, but I know it’s happening. I know ‘different’ people are targeted daily. I know ‘different’ people are tortured, tormented, bashed, spat at, sworn at, maimed, and murdered.
I hope we all know it.
Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty because I don’t watch these clips. It’s too horrible for me to watch. Then I think how horrible it must…

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