Fiction – the Great Escape?

26 May

A wonderful thought provoking blog written by Rebecca.

Bold Strokes Books, UK

I’ve not done very much reading or writing lately. Life has been very busy with work, wedding planning, and politics. Anyone who follows any of my social media feeds will know I’m very political. I’m one of those people who feels the Brexit vote like a sharp arrow in my very European heart. I’m befuddled by a world in which Trump has any power, let alone the most powerful job on the planet. And I see LGBT+ folk and other minorities persecuted in horrific ways and it’s hard not to despair.  I don’t like the real world very much at the moment.
One of the problems of the real world is that it takes away the time I have to escape into fiction – be that as a writer or a reader. I started my blog thinking I would write about fiction as a way of escaping the real world…

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