A Reader’s Perspective on Escapism with Ted Beverage

24 Jul

Wow! The Renegade received a fabulous mention on the guest blog written by Ted Beveridge​​. 🙂

“Amy Dunne: The Renegade, omygod, want to talk about world building? Yep pretty much sums it up with this one. This is one intense book.”


Women and Words

A longtime follower of Women and Words, Ted Beverage, is with us today to share his thoughts on the fabulous world building found in sci-fi. Woo! Take it away, Ted.

Thanks to Andi and Jove for letting me bend your ear for a minute with a reader’s perspective. I wanted to talk about two of my favorite genre’s, lesfic and sci-fi.


I started growing up in the 70’s. With very few outlets to tide the boredom of life, I turned to books. I keenly remember calling up my father at work while reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’ series and asking my dad what “queer” meant in the context of my reading. Since I had an openly gay uncle, I was used to hearing words like, “fag, faggot, queer”, etc when the re-tellings of his beatings were overheard. In this instance, queer only meant different and out of the…

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