Oh, and what kind of books do you write? by Matthew Bright

27 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK


When I was eight years old I wrote poorly-reasoned mystery stories featuring characters named after my friends. This was quite confusing because two of my friends had the same name, which doesn’t really work in fiction, but I’ll let myself off the hook because commercial success wasn’t high on my list. When I was fourteen years old I wrote an enormous chunk of an epic fantasy featuring castles and dragons. I had recently read a lot of Robert Jordan and Raymond E. Feist. At seventeen, I planned and wrote an entire television series, a sort of gay-British-Buffy. It featured a lot of my friends, only this time I changed my name.

Then I went to university and studied literature and creative writing. Here I started my first novel, a literary coming-of-age novel that was referred to (a bit reductively) by myself, my friends and my lecturers as ‘the…

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