Emerging from Solitary by Charlie Cochrane

27 May

Bold Strokes Books, UK


Authors, in their natural environment, are solitary beasts, only emerging from their writing dens for essential activities such as getting a cup of tea. They only usually connect with others of their species on social media such as Facebook. That’s why, when they get the chance meet up with other authors, they hop around, get on their finest display plumage and eagerly make their migration to the conference or similar event where they can flock together and twitter to their hearts’ content.

It’s great meeting other writers in person, not least because you can achieve more face-to-face in thirty minutes than in a whole day bashing emails back and forth, and you avoid the risk of the “I wrote that comment tongue in cheek, so please don’t take it seriously,” fiasco. I can’t think of an occasion when I’ve been with other writers when I haven’t felt I gained from…

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