Meet Author Amy Dunne

23 Oct

Lynn Lawler's Book Blog

Good afternoon, Everyone and welcome!  It has been a busy few weeks, but I haven’t forgotten about you.  Today I have an author whom you are going to love!  Amy Dunne is the author of “The Renegade” which debuted on 14-Sept-15 by Bold Stroke Books.  She is here to chat with us all and has a giveaway to these of you who would like to leave a comment or question.  Let’s all give Amy a warm welcome.

Author Photo

“The worst thing you’ve ever written is better than the best thing you’ve never written,” –Unknown

Renegade Cover


What is “The Renegade” about?

“The Renegade” is a speculative fiction romance. The story starts with the aftermath of the Red Death pandemic that has wiped out most of the human population.  We meet Alex and experience how much she has lost because of the Red Death.  She has no one left alive, no plans or…

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