Survival by Amy Dunne (plus a couple of free books!)

20 Sep

My blog. 🙂

Women and Words

the RenegadeHey! This week we have the fabulous Amy Dunne joining us! Yes, that does make me happy. Amy is a return blogger and this time she’s here to tell us about her new release, a post-apocalyptic book titled The Renegade.

And, because she’s all manner of awesome, she’s giving away TWO ebook copies of The Renegade. Drop a comment in the space below and I’ll draw the winner on Friday, 9/25.

Good Luck!

by Amy Dunne

It’s such a pleasure to be back here blogging for Women and Words. This month has been exciting as my third novel, The Renegade has just been officially released by Bold Strokes Books. It’s a speculative fiction romance. I’m a huge fan of the genre, but as I’ve never broached writing this genre before, it’s been a difficult journey to explore a fleeting thought and turn it into a full blown novel. This…

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