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News Roundup: Kiki Archer Live Q&A, Amy Dunne Goes Renegade, New Release from Karen Campbell, and More!

25 Sep

UK Lesbian Fiction

Welcome! It’s a bit on the nippy side, but the sun is shining, flowers are still blooming, and I’m taking a quick break from squinting at page proofs to bring you all the happenings in the land of UK LesFic. Enjoy!

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renegadeAmy Dunne is first up this fortnight with a couple of stops on her publicity romp for her new futuristic, apocalyptic adventure-romance, The Renegade. Amy has been talking survival (and her absolute lack of survival skills!) over on Women & Words:

Let me start with an honest admission. I’m 90% certain that I wouldn’t survive in the post-apocalyptic world I’ve created. I’ve no survival skills to speak of, I’m awful at basic camping, I’m a complete technophobe to the point I don’t know anything other than switching something on and off and maybe hitting it if it still doesn’t work, I have OCD, I’m a…

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Survival by Amy Dunne (plus a couple of free books!)

21 Sep

Source: Survival by Amy Dunne (plus a couple of free books!)

Survival by Amy Dunne (plus a couple of free books!)

20 Sep

My blog. 🙂

Women and Words

the RenegadeHey! This week we have the fabulous Amy Dunne joining us! Yes, that does make me happy. Amy is a return blogger and this time she’s here to tell us about her new release, a post-apocalyptic book titled The Renegade.

And, because she’s all manner of awesome, she’s giving away TWO ebook copies of The Renegade. Drop a comment in the space below and I’ll draw the winner on Friday, 9/25.

Good Luck!

by Amy Dunne

It’s such a pleasure to be back here blogging for Women and Words. This month has been exciting as my third novel, The Renegade has just been officially released by Bold Strokes Books. It’s a speculative fiction romance. I’m a huge fan of the genre, but as I’ve never broached writing this genre before, it’s been a difficult journey to explore a fleeting thought and turn it into a full blown novel. This…

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Voices of Lesbian Literature: Amy Dunne

15 Sep

Women and Words

I’ve had so much fun talking to authors, getting to know their writing process, and most importantly, learning their darkest food addictions! Author Amy Dunne is a joy to talk to. Her just released book is called The Renegade published by Bold Strokes Books.

Listen Nowthe Renegade

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Voices of Lesbian Literature interview.

15 Sep

I had so much fun with this interview. 🙂

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Hot off the Press, September 2015

12 Sep

Women and Words


WAIT! Unless you’re in the southern climes of the planet in which case…HAPPY SPRING! WOOOOO!

Okay, so even with all the merry elves we have up in here running roughshod across the furniture and playing all night on the intertoobz, we don’t find all the titles you’d like us to have on here. So if you’re an author or a publisher or both and you’ve got a book coming out this month or next, drop us a line at the CONTACT page. We will do our best to get you hooked up. And because we stop updating these posts about a week after they go up. we also keep a static page that we update throughout the month. So we can accommodate you there, too.

We’d also like to take this time to remind everyone that today is the anniversary of…

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