When the Magic Happens

25 Aug

My brand new blog post for the Bold Strokes Books Blog. When the Magic Happens. 🙂
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Bold Strokes Books Authors' Blog

By Amy Dunne


With my upcoming September release, The Renegade, soon due for release I was privileged to be invited to write this blog. For weeks I pondered what topic I should write about. Last year, I wrote about a huge personal revelation that I discovered on reflection of my two previous novels, Secret Lies and Season’s Meetings. Both dealt subconsciously with the passing of my incredible grandmother, Mama Bridie. Both stories voiced my grief and helped me come to terms with losing her. Still at a loss as to what topic I should broach, my wonderful wife suggested I should write about my writing process, as I’ve been asked a lot of questions recently about how I go about writing by readers. Knowing that my wife is almost always right, I’ve decided to stick with that topic.The Renegade Cover

What is the first thing that happens? There’s a spark…

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