Coming Attractions, September 2015

7 Aug

Exciting stuff. 🙂

Women and Words

I just typed “September” up there and freaked out a little bit. SEPTEMBER? Wow. Holy light speed summers, Batman. We’re creeping up on FALL. At least in this part of the world. The rest of you are all, YAY! SPRING! WOOO HOOOO! Hopefully, you’ll find some awesome-ness in this list to help you celebrate that. (And will someone from Australia or New Zealand please invite me down for Christmas so I can experience that in the summer time? kthx)

Below, you will find upcoming releases for September. Unfortunately, even with all the merry elves, we miss some. So if you (readers/authors/publishers) don’t see your books here and they’re coming out in September, drop us a line at the CONTACT page to let us know. Keep in mind that we stop updating these blog posts about a week after they post, but we maintain a STATIC PAGE that we do update…

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