Save the Shoe Leather by I. Beacham

4 Jun

Bold Strokes Books, UK

“I need you to blog,” she says in her usual relaxed BSB editorial voice.

I think ‘fine’. I’ll go mow the lawn and hope something relatively cerebral, adroit and, with just a hint of conceptualism – that much sought after topic will leap out to me as I behead the grass and leave all its dead little blades scattered behind me. I am often hit by inspiration when in the act of murder for I’m not a natural blogger. I only blog when I’m told to.


But then she goes in for the kill, and with the experienced lob of a World class tennis player, she adds, “Change. Blog on Change.”  One almost hears the sinister laugh before she disappears faster than a shoal of sardines amidst a pod of dolphin.




What sort of Change?

Change is that annoyingly overused multi word. A few examples:

  • Changing of…

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