The Philosophy of Change by Amy Dunne

3 Jun

My thoughts on change. 🙂

Bold Strokes Books, UK

The Renegade

We were all told to write a blog in preparation for the upcoming Bold Strokes Books UK Festival, which is the usual routine. Only this year, we’ve been given the topic of change to discuss. Which is okay, except we’re nearing the end of the blogging schedule and there have been lots of awesome and thought provoking blogs that have just about covered all a person can say about change.

A question that struck me was, can something change but remain the same?

In philosophy, change is a topic of varying theories, beliefs, and debates. The Ship of Theseus (aka Theseus Paradox) has always encouraged heated debate. There’s a ship and one day it’s decided that one of the wooden planks needs replacing. The original plank is stored safely away and the replacement plank is fitted. There has been change but most people would agree that the vessel remains the…

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