The Next Launching Point by Mardi Alexander

3 Jun

Bold Strokes Books, UK


No matter how you look at it, love it, or hate it, life is all about change. I remember reading once that ‘change doesn’t look for a resting place; just the next launching point.’ And so we learn to talk, to walk, to run, to read, to get a job, be independent, to love and to lose and to keep moving forward.

I think about how far the LGBTQI community has come and how people’s perceptions and  social acceptance has changed, just within my lifetime, and how that has impacted on myself and those around me. I cried tears of joy as our cousins in New Zealand heralded equal marriage rights with a traditional love song in the hall’s of parliament; I cheered when Ireland voted ‘yes’ and as each and every state and country around the world slowly comes on board. I watch as my homeland, Australia, still ‘talks…

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