The More Things Change by Justine Saracen

3 Jun

Bold Strokes Books, UK

The Witch of Stalingrad 300 DPI

Plus ça change plus c’est la même chose.

The blog-mistress, in her wisdom, has asked us to write about change. And certainly, as LGBT, we have seen a lot of it, at least in the western world. In my lifetime, gays have gone from being electro-shocked, religiously exorcised, shamed into suicide, and occasionally murdered – to being able to marry, serve openly in the military, and be mentioned with respect by presidential candidates. (Of course some of us are still driven to suicide, and occasionally murdered, but the numbers are down.)

As a writer of historical fiction, I look at change in larger scope, for after all, if nothing changed, the concept of history itself would be meaningless. The past intrigues us because the world has changed, and we amuse ourselves when we immerse ourselves in obsolete habits, customs, mores, and world views.

Lately my readers have been immersing themselves…

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