Be Brave and Be Happy, by Andrea Bramhall

3 Jun

Bold Strokes Books, UK


Vic thought giving us all a topic to write about this year would make it easier for us to think of something new to write about. She seemed to think that the subject of “Change” would be something a little arbitrary. Now, I think she’s a witch with mad fortune telling skills, and a plug in to the universe to try and shake things up.

Waffling? Yes, probably. But right now, I’m on the brink of several changes and every time I think about them my heart is in my mouth.

Change; – Transitive and intransitiveverb to become different, or make something or somebody different. To pass from one stage or state to another. To exchange or replace something. To alter, modify, or adjust something.

Just a few of many meanings of the word change.

That terrifying and exciting moment when you realize that right here and now, your…

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