Change Your Leaves by Rebecca S. Buck

2 Jun

Bold Strokes Books, UK


“Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” Victor Hugo

When the topic of ‘change’ was suggested for this year’s pre-Bold Strokes fest blog, the word sent the familiar shudder of fear through me. The usual response echoed in my head: ‘I don’t like change.’ It is the response of the child I was. I liked security, to anchor myself in certainty and familiarity. The sale of my childhood home, even after I’d moved out, felt like losing a limb. Driving past it years later and seeing the front distorted by a new extension, the beautiful ornamental cherry tree in the front garden gone, felt like nothing short of a trauma. I had to stare at the house and assure myself that, in my memory, it had not changed at all. I’ve always been good at denying change, even when it’s there in…

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