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What Christmas Means to Me by Amy Dunne (Plus a FREE Book)

4 Dec

What Christmas Means to Me by Amy Dunne (Plus a FREE Book).

What Christmas Means to Me by Amy Dunne (Plus a FREE Book)

2 Dec

Another blog from little old me. 😉
What Christmas means to me.

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Checkseasons-meetings it out, y’all! Amy Dunne is here! Woo! She’s kicking off the holiday season with an awesome blog about Christmas. Incidentally, she’s also celebrating the release of her second book, Season’s Meetings.

Because Amy’s got nothing but love, she’s giving away TWO copies of Season’s Meetins, one paperback and one ebook! Drop a comment into the space below and we’ll draw a couple of winners on Friday, 12/5/2014.

Good luck!

What Christmas Means to Me
by Amy Dunne

Christmas has always been a special time for me. I’m very fortunate that my family have celebrated Christmas together with love and laughter all the years I’ve been alive. As a child, I took this for granted, but most children get caught up in the magic of Christmas. It’s only as I’ve grown older that my perspective of Christmas has changed.


Many years ago, my sister and I would reluctantly go…

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What Exactly is Christmas? Guest Blog From Amy Dunne

1 Dec

Here’s a festive treat for you all! I’m very fortunate that Uklesfic invited me to write a guest blog. Have you ever wondered what our fur-babies think about Christmas? Have you ever tried to explain what Christmas is to them? I tried a few days ago–and will never, ever, attempt it again! Enjoy. 😉

UK Lesbian Fiction

It’s the first day of Advent, so deck the halls and all that! To help us celebrate this most festive of festivals, we have a guest blog from Amy Dunne, whose Christmas-themed novel Season’s Meetings is out this very month. Falalalalalalalalah.

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What exactly is Christmas?

Amy DunneIt’s that time of year again. The weather outside is cold and the nights grow dark so quickly. The branches on the trees are bare and the glittery frost dusts everything in its path. Plenty of cosy nights snuggled inside with raging fires to toast our toes. The yearly prediction that this will be the UK’s worst winter since the beginning of time. It’s December. In just a few weeks, people will celebrate Christmas Day. Children will be bordering on hysteria, parents will be trying to survive the manic shopping expeditions, we’ll all buy far too much food and drink, and the festivities…

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