25 Nov

Here’s my blog on where I get my inspiration from. It also shares my favourite memories of an incredibly inspirational woman who I was fortunate to be loved by. My grandma Bridie. ♡ ♡

Bold Strokes Books Authors' Blog

By Amy Dunne


Inspiration is a funny thing. Some writers believe their muse is the key to their inspiration and the driving force behind their writing. I don’t have a muse—or if I have, I don’t believe we’ve been introduced as of yet. Writing, in my personal experience, is the most challenging craft I’ve ever tried to undertake. It takes time, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, acceptance of constructive criticism, and the belief that you’ll get there in the end. Each writer’s inspiration is unique to them. And I believe the driving force and inspiration behind my own writing is down to a number of contributing factors.

Part of the driving force behind my writing is the enjoyment I get from creating stories, characters, and settings. I love to people watch. I appreciate that sounds a little stalkerish, but people watching is one of my favourite pastimes. When I’m sat on…

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