Pitch It To Me

5 Jun


Bold Strokes Books, UK


When you work in publishing, you throw terms around like confetti, just expecting folks to know what they mean. POV, ms, fancy-tagger, white space, conflation. You kind of just figure a writer will know what you’re talking about.

But that’s not always true. How can you possibly know what I mean when I tell you your white space balance is off, if no one has ever mentioned that before?

I’ve come to realize that’s the case with the term “pitch”. When I tell you to come “pitch your novel to Bold Strokes”, I’m thinking you have an inkling of what I mean. You should come tell me about your book, right? Sure. But how do you actually go about doing that?

At the Bold Strokes Nottingham event, and at the L-Fest event in Uttoxeter in July, I’ll be hearing pitches for Bold Strokes. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet…

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