Rebecca S. Buck: On Queer Ground

3 Jun

An excellent thought provoking and personal blog by Rebecca S. Buck. 🙂

Bold Strokes Books, UK


I love the Bold Strokes Books festival. It’s fun, it’s about books, it’s about friends. It’s also, for me, one of those punctuation marks in life where you pause and evaluate where you are, who you are and where you think you’ll be this time next year. I don’t know why the festival has become one of these moments for me. Perhaps because the first one came at a turning point in my life so each one is an anniversary of that moment. But, whatever the reasons, it’s become inevitable. The festival brings with it a lot of self-reflection. I’m in a very different place now to where I was, professionally and personally, when we celebrated the first Bold Strokes Books Nottingham festival in 2010. Back then, my first novel ‘Truths’ had just been published, I felt utterly out of my depth as a writer at a book festival, and…

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