Michelle Grub: It’s not how, it’s how many…

2 Jun

A blog from BSB author Michelle Grub. 🙂

Bold Strokes Books, UK


I’m learning golf (yes, I’m mad), and every time I hit a rubbish shot that has miraculously found the green after skidding along the fairway, over bunkers and through trees, my partner reminds me that golf is about how many shots you take to sink the ball, not how.

I wonder could the same be said for writing? We all know famous authors rarely miss an opportunity to release a novel ‘just in time for Christmas’, but what about those authors who consistently produce a plethora of novels in relatively short periods of time? Are they merely excellent at typing or do they possess some superhuman ability most of us can only dream about?

I’ve never read a Nora Robert’s novel, but she’s famous in my mind for being the romance author who can produce five novels a year. I think that’s an outstanding achievement and I can only…

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