“Indiana” Beacham and the Vicarage of Doom By I.Beacham

1 Jun

A truly delightful blog. It’s got action, humour, drama, and a cat. What more could you want? Beacham has the most incredible reading voice. I could listen to her read all day. To experience this for yourself, just come to the BSB Book Festival next weekend in Nottingham, England. It’s totally free to attend. 

Bold Strokes Books, UK

Bright EyesCAT ON WALL

The arrival of the excellent weekend of literary fun, the Annual Bold Strokes Books Festival in Nottingham, brings forth a scurry of hectic activity, and as usual, Victoria Oldham, (BSB Editor, and tireless, incredible event organiser), has tasked all attending BSB authors to write a blog. In her usual, approachable yet slave driver-ish way, she has given us two choices; write a blog or die a slow painful death.

I’ve decided to write a blog.

Now, there are some people out there who believe that most fiction writers are dull types who lead unexciting lives, and who compensate by creating life in their imaginations, and then onto the page. This is complete crap. I’m an author. Dull? Me? I don’t think so.

The most un-dull (yes, I know it’s the wrong word, but I don’t care) things happen to me all the time. Let me share an example with you…

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