I just want to get the fuck home.

11 May

This blog is heartfelt and describes emotions that I can relate to.


There are lots of reasons that I run.  The most important one is that running softens the edges of my anxiety.  It helps keep the prickly “dementor” quiet.  If I let it get the better of me, it takes over every aspect of my life eventually leading to exhausting depression.  I know this because I hit the bottom of my ability to fight it several years ago.  I was in a place where I could barely function.  Where my relationship was suffering because I was unreachable by the person who loves me the most.  Where everything and everyone was a challenge.  Where the only place I felt okay was in my house, away from the world.  My spouse, thankfully, insisted that I get the help that I desperately needed.  I’m lucky.  I had the resources to seek help, a spouse who refused to give up on me, and enough sense…

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