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News roundup: a bumper edition with festivals, blog tours, new best-sellers and more!

31 May

So much news. 🙂

UK Lesbian Fiction

Here is the  late news:


Things are hotting up in the events calendar and it’s looking like a great year for catching your favourite authors.

bold books logoWe’re in the final stretch in the run-up to the Bold Strokes Nottingham Festival on the 7th and 8th of June. The Bold Strokes UK blog has been hosting posts by authors attending the event.

Cari Hunterkicked things off with a post about coming home to Britain. After running around the US in Desolation Point and Tumbledown, she’s glad to be back in her home Peak District for her fourth novel No Good Reason.

Amy Dunnefollowed up with a post about being really bloody excited about the Nottingham Festival and why everyone should go. She’s had a big year with her debut Secret Lies being a Goldie finalist and working on two more novels which weren’t even a twinkle in her eye…

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Event Planning, the Cat Herder Way

30 May

Awesome blog by Victoria Oldham. Come and join us next weekend in Nottingham, England. 🙂

Bold Strokes Books, UK

7b5b23f4aadf9513306bcd59afb6e4c9HERDING CATS[5]

Have you ever tried to herd cats? While walking through a typhoon? And trying to eat spaghetti?

That is what it’s like putting together a book festival. Except slightly more messy.

For the fifth year in a row now, I have organized the Bold Strokes Book Festival in Nottingham, England. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing folks who have backed me up and done lots of things to help make it all happen. (Amy Dunne, you’re this year’s MVP).

A ton of preparation and work go into an event: who are you inviting? Are you forgetting anyone? Who isn’t going to make it after all? Are the books going to arrive on time (no)? What marketing needs to be done? What goes in the goodie bags? What documents need to be designed, double checked, triple checked, and printed? Will we get sponsors?…

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Amy Dunne on Why You Should Come to Nottingham

27 May

Amy Dunne on Why You Should Come to Nottingham.

Amy Dunne on Why You Should Come to Nottingham

27 May

My latest blog on the Bold Strokes Nottinghamwebsite. I talk about lots of things but mostly about why you should come to our UK book festival. Please read and share. We’ll hopefully see you there!  🙂

Bold Strokes Books, UK


I’m counting down the days until it’s the Bold Strokes Books UK Book Festival. Why? Because I’m excited. Really excited.

I’ve attended t
his festival for the last three years. Two of those were as an avid reader in the audience and last year was as a brand new BSB author. I was so new in fact, that my book hadn’t even been published this time last year.

A lot has changed in the space of a year. My debut novel Secret Lies has finally been published and has even been nominated as a finalist in the YA Category of the 2014 Goldie Awards. That’s pretty frigging amazing.

My second novel Season’s Meetings is written and the editing process is going to start in the very near future. This delights and terrifies me in equal measures. It’s a different feel to Secret Lies but I’m hoping readers will enjoy it…

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Cari Hunter is Back in Brit

23 May


Bold Strokes Books, UK


I feel like I’ve returned from the brink, dear reader, dragged away from a land where the letter “u disappears at random, “packets” don’t seem to exist, pavements are sidewalks, and no one wears knickers.

As a British author, I’ve just spent two virtual years over t’other side of the pond, first in the North Cascades for my novel Desolation Point, and then more recently in the beautiful state of Maine for its sequel, Tumbledown. I dropped those “u”s, locked things (well, okay, one of my leading ladies) in a car trunk, and substituted Saran Wrap for cling film. I dosed my characters up on acetaminophen and Tylenol, and made them eat grits. If I’m honest, it was a fabulous holiday: the scenery was fantastic, I went to new places, and I taught myself new things, whilst still managing to sneak in the occasional “bollocks” or “pillock”…

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I just want to get the fuck home.

11 May

This blog is heartfelt and describes emotions that I can relate to.

News roundup: Polari fun, new author Emma Rose Millar, Goldie finalists, Manda Scott and more!

2 May

Latest news. 🙂

UK Lesbian Fiction

It’s a soggy start to May, so put your feet up and read all about the latest UK lesbian fiction news:

PolariEvening2 Polari lineup: Kiki Archer, La JohnJoseph, Rebecca Chance, Sophie Ward, Philip Hensher, hosted by Paul Burston. Copyright Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris

This month’s Polari evening in London looked like a fabulous event. The evening was kicked off by Kiki Archer reading from her best-seller One Foot Onto The Ice to a great reception from the audience.

Actress Sophie Ward also read from her short non-fiction book A Marriage Proposal – a considered argument in favour of equal marriage (the Guardian short is available on Amazon here).

You can read an account of the whole evening by Helen Smith and see videos of Kiki reading from One Foot Onto The Ice and When You Know on youtube. More fab photos of the evening are also available here.


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