BSB UK 2014 Festival Line-UP

15 Apr

Exciting times! 🙂

Bold Strokes Books, UK

We’re getting proper excited about the 5th Annual BSB UK Event in Nottingham! BSB-triangle (2)

The number of attending authors grows every year, and this year is the biggest group yet. Confirmed attending are:

  • I. Beacham (Sanctuary & The Rarest Rose)
  • Andrea Bramhall (Ladyfish & Clean Slate)
  • Cari Hunter (Desolation Point & Tumbledown)
  • Rebecca Buck (Truths, The Locket & The Flintlock)
  • Crin Claxton (The Supernatural Detective)
  • Lesley Davis (Playing Passions Game & the Wings paranormal series)
  • Amy Dunne (Secret Lies)
  • Jane Fletcher (the Celaeno & Lyremouth series)
  • Michelle Grubb (Getting Lost, due out in 2015)
  • Eric Andrews-Katz (The Jesus Injection)
  • Gill McKnight (the Garoul series)
  • Idun Mars (Kryos)
  • Justine Saracen (Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright & Waiting for the Violins)
  • Stacia Seaman (editor)
  • Victoria Oldham (editor)

The 2014 event is your chance to hear a bit of the authors work, talk about the writing process, ask questions, and just generally get your Rainbow on!…

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