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Feminist Smut by Victoria Oldham

27 Mar

Women and Words

Check it out! Author and editor Victoria Oldham stopped by to share a guest blog with us. Vic has an awesome blog that you should totally check out HERE.

Feminist Smut
by Victoria Oldham

What was the first lesbian book you read?

Mine was Macho Sluts.

Not exactly a gentle, sweet entry into lesbian sex. (So to speak).
Ashley Bartlett and I agree that this book should be on every lesbian’s shelf. And that makes me feel better about the fact I’m old enough to be her mother. Although I guess that’s kind of creepy too.


I’ve worked in lesbian publishing for nearly a decade now. And it always amazes me how clear a divide there is between the lesbians who like sex in their novels, and the ones who feel it detracts from the story. I’ve had some quite vehement conversations around this topic, and lately those…

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The Bloodletting Process

25 Mar

The Bloodletting Process.

News roundup: Hild makes it to the UK, a new old book from LT Smith, food porn from Cari Hunter and music from RJ Samuel

21 Mar


UK Lesbian Fiction

While most authors seem to have been distracted by the latest Buzzfeed quiz of which actress would play them in their life’s movie (Emma Watson, mutter mutter, I wanted Meryl Streep, mutter mutter), there’s still enough going on to bring you a news roundup:

coldwindNicola Griffith‘s Hild makes an appearance in the UK, without Hild appearing on the cover. Have a look over here for the classy UK edition and release dates for the various formats. Nicola is also adding the finishing touches to a short story, Cold Wind, which has more tantalising artwork. It will be available (free) from April 24 on the science fiction / fantasy website


cover_hearts-and-flowers-borderL.T. Smith‘s Hearts and Flowers Border has been reissued with her new publisher Ylva. This second revised edition is now available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. Here’s the blurb:

A visitor from her past…

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Because of Her – a guest post by Ke Payne

18 Mar

Because of Her – a guest post by Ke Payne.

News Roundup: New Novels from Just About Everyone, Reviews Galore, Awards, and Upcoming Events

18 Mar

News Roundup: New Novels from Just About Everyone, Reviews Galore, Awards, and Upcoming Events.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar



Wishing everyone a fabulous St Paddy’s Day!



Cover Reveal: Season’s Meetings. (Staring our very own little Cairn, Kimmy).

12 Mar

Cover Reveal: Season’s Meetings. (Staring our very own little Cairn, Kimmy)..

Cover Reveal: Season’s Meetings. (Starring our very own little Cairn, Kimmy).

11 Mar


* * *The cover stars our very own little Cairn called Kimmy.* * *

Could the festive road trip from hell actually lead to love?

Catherine Birch is a lonely workaholic who hates Christmas. This year, she is being forced to celebrate with her best friend’s family in the Highlands of Scotland. Having missed her flight, Catherine reluctantly ventures on a road trip with beautiful stranger Holly Daniels.

Although polar opposites, the intense attraction between them is unmistakable. Just as Catherine begins to think spending Christmas with Holly might not be so bad, a raging snowstorm leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Huddled together, with little chance of rescue, they forge a pact: if they escape, they’ll make this a Christmas to remember. But will it be remembered for the right reasons?

Season’s Meetings is due for release from Bold Strokes Books on 1st December 2014.