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Bold Strokes Book Festival 2013 Program

12 May

Bold Strokes Book Festival 2013 Program.

2013 Event

12 May

2013 Event.

It’s nearly time…

8 May

It’s nearly time for the 4th Annual Bold Strokes Books Festival in Nottingham. The event takes place over the weekend of 8th and 9th June in the beautifully historic city of Nottingham.

This weekend allows for a celebration of high quality and wonderfully diverse LGBTQ literature, written by authors from this side of the big pond.

Not only is this event totally free to attend and provides nibbles, coffee and a BBQ on the Sunday, it’s also my first time being on the author side of the table. I’m nervous and excited at the same time and am already struggling to sleep.

Lou and I have attended the event for the last two years and we thoroughly enjoyed it. What’s not to love? There’s great people, great books, great discussions, great food and drink and a great time had by all. It’s great.

But I do have two main concerns about the event this year… the first is purely selfish. I’m terrified that I’ll make a total tit of myself in front of everyone.

The second concern I have is about attendance. I’ve seen firsthand how hard people work behind the scenes to make this event. A special mention has to be made for Vic Oldham, who is the life and soul of the event. She literally puts in time that she doesn’t really have going spare, blood, sweat and tears, to make this event an enjoyable success. Without her passion, determination and hard work, I doubt there would even be a book event.

So, I ask everyone to spread the word about this event. Even more importantly, I ask that you come and experience it for yourselves.

If you’ve never actually read a BSB book, come along and give it a try. There’s every genre going… fancy a story with a werewolf doctor, vampire detective, a funeral director who sees the dead or even a world where only women live? Or perhaps you’d prefer a tense psychological thriller, an espionage, a horror, a historical fiction or just a sensual romance? Well, whatever your preference, we have it all.

If you do read BSB books, then there’s all the more reason to come along! You get to meet and mingle with your favourite authors in person, over a friendly drink.

And there’s also the opportunity to pitch an idea you have for a story, to a BSB editor.

More info including the times and schedule can be found here:

Hopefully I’ll see you there.