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I like…

7 Feb

One of my very good friends, Victoria V Oldham wrote about the things she likes on her blog. It got me thinking about the things I like.

For the last week and a half I’ve been unwell with a kidney infection and gastroenteritis, thankfully I’m starting to feel well again now. But for those long days when I was really fed up, I found that thinking about the things I like actually comforted me and made me feel a little bit better.

I’m not going to try and list all the things I like, because I’ll be here all day. Here are the things I can think of in 3 mins…

My lovely Lou, my family, friends and pets. I like Dolly Parton. I like singing old Irish songs and celebrating St Paddy’s Day. I like the feel and smell of freshly washed bed sheets.  I like my mum’s Christmas dinner. I like watching snow falling. I like the satisfying creaking crunch as I step on a patch of untouched snow. I like laughing until I cry and my sides hurt. I like rugby union and I especially like when Ireland are winning.  I like dancing and singing in the safety of my own home, with no one watching other than our pets. I like chocolate, I like the smell of marker pens and turf being burned (it reminds me of Ireland). I like Ireland, Kenya and Lourdes. I like being right. I like meeting new people, having new experiences and exploring new places. I like reading and I especially like falling hook, line and sinker into a great story and not being able to put the book down until I’ve finished it. I like listening to music and watching films. I like sleeping. I like planning for the future. I like curry. I like cuddles. I like entertaining people. I like making people laugh. I like it when people trust me. I like writing…a lot. I like baking and cooking. I like buying presents that I know people will love. I like spending my life with Lou. I like that I decided against becoming a nun and became a lesbian instead. I like being gay. I like drag queens. I like mash potatoes. I like feeling how great it feels when I start feeling better after being ill. I like cider. I like Christmas. I like history, philosophy and psychology. I like being surprised. I like catching up with friends that I don’t see that often. I like that I have a faith. I like asking questions and learning from others. I like life.    

So, what do you like?